Humans of Delhi, founded by Divyam Singhal in 2015, started as a photostory blog on Facebook. He would walk on the streets of Delhi, talk to strangers and put their story on the blog. He pivoted to a video form of story-telling in 2017 and has produced 7 mini-documentaries till then, which showcase the grassroots innovations, struggles and achievements of common men and women living in the city of Delhi. Divyam Singhal was invited to speak at the yearly 'Cities Summit' held in Tel Aviv in 2017, while many Humans of Delhi stories have been covered by major publications including BBC, CNN and Indian Express. Humans of Delhi has worked with various social impact ventures in the past including Salaam Baalak Trust and a feature film highlighting the plight of the survivors of 1984 anti Sikh pogrom that happened in Delhi.